my alter ego

my alter ego

Friday, May 9, 2014

Home remedy for gastric

should i write everyday? no, unless you have something nice to write. whatever. so today, Iv missed morning class, like usual. but today I have great reason. Im sick, and cant even project out my voice. went to clinic, doctors were busy, I was told. So I went back, and prepare my own health remedy. *1 tablespoon of honey *2 tablespoon of pomegranate essence "so, why did I went to clinic if I believe more with my home remedy? haha! simply to get MC, what else? Im very good in getting MCs from doctor, believe me" suddenly my friend called out saying she was sick. *I think everybody in IIUM is sick for final* I went out and bring my home remedy for her, really hope that it would save her day too. though I know you wiill not like the taste that much, but I hope you will constantly consumed it for a week, okay? until your gastric pain is relieved. Oh.. I did searched some info to relief gastric pain, and I found honey and pomegranates would help.

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